Read books online?

A collection of online books from the world library in your pocket! Why are electronic online “readers” so good that even avid book lovers massively pass on to them, claiming that they will never exchange the rustle of pages for “soulless” letters on the screen? It's simple: the Internet occupies more and more niches in our lives, e-book readers have won the hearts of skeptics due to their mobility, accessibility and ease of use. All settings are intuitive, you can read books in any place convenient for you where the Internet is present. Modern devices have a very compact appearance and weigh a little. Even the most inexperienced user can easily understand such a technique.

A frequent and most favorite argument of opponents of electronic online books was the inconvenience and discomfort of prolonged reading of online books from the screen. Users complained of fatigue and discomfort in the eyes. In the latest generation of e-book readers, this problem has been resolved: E-ink screens (which the name “electronic ink” was still coined for), due to their special technology, absorb radiation rather than produce it. The screen settings of new phones, tablets and PCs are increasingly diverse. Such a screen is not only comfortable for the eyes, but also consumes much less energy compared to its TFT counterparts. This allows you to read books online for a long time and comfortably.

A huge plus of electronic devices for reading online is that you can download books in large quantities. An ordinary mid-range e-book reader with built-in 2GB memory will allow you to store about 10 thousand books! And given the difference in the cost of the paper book and its electronic online version, reading online books for free becomes available to every user. - read book online

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